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Indoor Air Cleaning

A high-efficiency air purifier from Comfort Pro's Heating and Air Conditioning Co. makes a great addition to your home comfort system. It is the ideal solution for homes susceptible to airborne germs as well as those sensitive to pollen, pet dander and other air irritants. Enjoy cleaner air as it treats 100% of the air flowing through your home and features the patented ability to both filter and kill or inactivate airborne pathogens. It has been proven effective against three common pathogens: human influenza, the common cold and streptococcus aureus. Featuring silent operation, an air purifier conveniently attaches to your furnace and works with nearly any ductwork system. By not producing a significant pressure drop, it protects your heating and cooling equipment. 

Duct Cleaning

Your home's ducting can get extremely dirty.  Dirt and germs build up over time and can even end up interfering with your family or business' health.  That's where we come in to prevent this.  We go in and clean out all of the contaminents in your ducting system.  If you have any nose or throat problems, we'll guarantee that you'll see results right away from the shear improvement in the air quality coming through your duct work.  Just compare these before and after images of ducts to get an idea about it for yourself.

If you're having problems with your home air quality, it could be because of a dirty ducting system.  Give us a call today at 630-456-4474 to get help right away.  Get your ducts cleaned today!

UV Light Systems

For a longer lasting solution to keeping your indoor air clean is to get a UV light system installed in your home.  Ultraviolet or UV lights kill germs and other contaminents that are going through your heating or cooling system.  Getting one of these systems installed can allow you to sit comfortably knowing that your air system is helping keep your home's air cleaner and healthier.

UV Light systems can reduce the amount of bacteria in a room by more than 97% as well as

Give us a call today at 630-456-4474 if you have any questions about what we can do to help your indoor air's cleanliness!  We'll be there to help you when you need it.